4 Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Getting Botox

After the years pass by, we’re all bound to start taking notice of all the different signs of aging and their effects on our bodies. From crow’s feet to dull and tight skin, time isn’t the nicest when it comes to maintaining a youthful look because we’re all bound to grow old.

While it may be clear that aging is a lifelong battle that no one could ever possibly win, the truth about getting older is that there are a few tricks to help you avoid looking old, such as Botox treatments.

The rise of Botox

Although it isn’t the newest treatment in the market, this cosmetic solution has established itself as a standout option in cosmetic and medical communities thanks to its safety, effectiveness, and availability. From handling wrinkles and excessive sweat glands to treating neck spasms and chronic migraines, Botox is a treatment well worth investing in for cosmetic and health-related purposes!

What to know before getting Botox

As advantageous as the idea of getting Botox may seem, one stark reality that anyone needs to know is that it isn’t exempt from its fair share of potential fumbles that may come along the way. In the sections below, we will share four mistakes that you should look out for to avoid dissatisfactory results:

Mistake #1: Drinking alcohol before and after receiving Botox

Many patients that receive such treatments often end up hampering their experience and results because they mistakenly drink the night before a session or right after.

The rule of thumb dictates that alcohol should be avoided 24 hours before and after treatment. Restrictions are essential because alcoholic drinks can cause excessive bleeding since they’re natural vasodilators that can also cause bruising in puncture sites. 

Mistake #2: Rubbing or massaging the treated area after having an injection

Admittedly, the pain or sheer amazement that comes with seeing results is one that causes an urge to massage a treated part. While it may not seem like such a harsh habit at first, rubbing or massaging an injection site within four hours post-treatment will spread the Botox to unwanted areas, resulting in a less-effective treatment.

Mistake #3: Taking in too much sun exposure

What most first-time Botox recipients don’t know about the treatments they’re getting is that they’re extremely sensitive to heat and UV rays, meaning that saunas and sun exposure are not acceptable. Depending on how much you’re getting done, you should avoid the sun and sauna for about two to five days depending on the discretion of your surgeon.

Mistake #4: Not working with a trustworthy plastic surgeon

Out of all the different mistakes that you could possibly make when getting a treatment done, none is as disastrous or dangerous as working with a random provider. At the end of the day, the final results of your Botox treatment are mostly up to the surgeon that you consult and trust enough to go under the knife (or needle) with.

By doing your research and asking around for reviews and testimonials, you can keep your face and skin in the right hands by finding the most trustworthy hands to work with. For instance, if you’re in New Jersey, then you’d be better off working with the experienced surgeons and physicians over at Nuluk Aesthetics that have decades of experience under their belts!


As exciting as it may be to transform the way you look and feel more comfortable in your skin with the help of Botox, it’s important that you avoid any mistakes that can ruin your experience. By taking the time to stay aware of the four mistakes mentioned above, you can keep the quality of your results intact and enjoy the new you stress-free!

We’re a clinic in New Jersey that specializes in providing patient-centric treatments with our Botox, Juvederm, med spa, dermal, and hair loss therapy services. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and change your life!

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