4 Weight Loss Tips to Avoid Gaining Fat During This Quarantine Season

The attention towards the health and wellness sector has never become more focused due to the threat of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. To stem the steady spread of COVID-19, stricter social distancing and quarantine protocol have been implemented.

The majority of the population was left stuck at home with nothing better to do than snack and binge-watch television series while in the comforts of the bedroom. While a novel thought at the beginning, the long term implication meant letting go of health and exercise. With nothing to do but eat and rest, a bit more effort is necessary to avoid gaining weight.

To help you in that regard, here are four simple weight loss tips to avoid gaining fat through this COVID-19 quarantine season.

Set meal plans per day

Meal planning seems like something a dietician would have to do, but it can be as simple as setting your daily meals a day ahead of time. With a set meal plan per day, it will help guide you to avoid unnecessary snacking outside of the set meal times—thereby promoting weight loss.

It will also allow you to monitor the food you intake, allowing you to avoid unnecessarily unhealthy junk food. You can add more healthy food into the mix and balance it with the food you like to eat.

Consider eating multiple small portions

One of the more effective diet plans that a beginner can do to adjust their eating habits is to eat multiple small meal portions per day. By adjusting your meal count from the average three to five, spacing the timing evenly, and reducing portions to the minimum can actually cut your total intake. 

If implemented properly, then you’ll find yourself feeling less hungry overall. You’ll eventually need fewer meals a day as well, allowing you to shift to stricter dietary plans with extremely small portions.

Practice chewing your food thoroughly

Many unknowingly swallow large portions of their food without chewing properly, leading them to eat much faster than necessary. By practicing thoroughly chewing your food, you give time for the previously swallowed food to reach your stomach. 

You won’t only find that you’re eating less and feeling full quicker, but you’ll also be able to actually savor the taste of the food you’ve prepared. Through this simple trick, you get to enjoy what you have while working for weight loss.

Increase your fluid intake

During this time of sickness, drinking copious amounts of liquid is a good idea. Hydrating is important to keep your strength up, so now is the best time to catch up on your eight glasses a day. 

Beyond mere health, however, drinking water is actually a good way to curb craving pangs. More often than not, a person wants to snack, not because of hunger, but because of craving. Drinking some water could help alleviate this, allowing you to reach your next meal without difficulty.


In this time of quarantine, taking some extra care with your body is necessary. Health isn’t merely not getting sick, but it is also necessary to keep your body in peak condition. With some slight guidance and discipline, you could maintain your weight—and probably even promote weight loss—through following the aforementioned tips.

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