6 Reasons Your Hair May Be Falling Out – What to Know

Everyone is expected to shed some hair every day, and most people see the bulk of this in their shower drains. However, when you find much more hair collecting in the corners of your room than expected, you may be wondering what’s causing the sudden hair loss. Figuring out the cause can be challenging because many different factors affect hair loss and growth for women, whether genetic or otherwise. Still, knowledge is power, and knowing the probable causes will help you eliminate them until you land on the culprit.

Hair loss can be upsetting and frustrating, especially for women. Fortunately, if you nail down the cause early, you can find the solution and even reverse it. Here are six possible reasons your hair may be falling out:

  • You’ve Recently Given Birth

You probably have noticed your hair looking at its lushest and most luxurious during your pregnancy because of the surge of hormones, causing it to keep growing. That also means you aren’t shedding hair as often as you used to, setting you up for a bit of a shock after giving birth.

Your estrogen levels return to normal after you’ve delivered your baby, which means your hair growth cycles are back on track. Unfortunately, that also means that it will be shedding the hair you’ve accumulated over your pregnancy, which can range from mild to intense.

  • It’s In Your DNA

Men are susceptible to baldness even at an early age, so you may be afraid that the same is already happening to you. Just like male pattern baldness, hereditary hair loss can also occur in women, which usually manifests itself as hair loss around your hair part. It’s impossible to completely prevent this kind of hair loss type, although you can take advantage of many different treatments to delay growth.

  • You’ve Changed Your Birth Control

If you’ve recently changed your birth control brand to a new one, that may be the culprit for your hair loss. Similar to pregnancy, a change of hormones often makes your body do unpredictable things, which may include hormone-induced hair loss. You’ll probably want to observe your scalp for a while to check if it will normalize over time or if you continue shedding. In any case, be sure to speak with your doctor about these concerns.

  • You Lack Some Nutrients

Nutritional deficiencies are a significant cause of hair loss since maintaining shiny, healthy hair requires a hearty amount of vitamins and minerals. You’ll need a good dose of vitamin B3 or niacin, protein, iron, and zinc to prevent hair loss, so try changing up your diet to reverse some of the sheddings.

  • Your Medication is to Blame

Sometimes, prescription medications can cause chronic shedding. Those formulated to help manage depression, high blood pressure, and arthritis are known to make your hair fall out, which is often temporary. However, if it becomes chronic, be sure to speak with your doctor for an alternative prescription that doesn’t have this side effect.

  • You’re Stressed Out

Stress isn’t just bad for your mental health—it takes a toll on your body, too. Whether you’re going through a loved one’s passing, a divorce, a relocation, or a job loss, you’re likely feeling completely stressed out and traumatized. In these scenarios, your body is focused on getting you to survive, which means that it can temporarily hit the brakes on hair growth. This hair loss also happens when undergoing physical stress and trauma, like surgery, an accident, or even losing a ton of weight too quickly. 

However, don’t fret—this type of hair loss is usually temporary. If it still bothers you, you can take advantage of medical hair loss therapy to enjoy a head full of thick, healthy hair again.


It’s easy to panic when you start shedding more hair than usual, but narrowing down the causes will help you get to the root of the problem. By understanding the possible reasons, you can regain control of your situation and seek hair loss treatments that suit you best.

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