7 Myths About Dermal Fillings You Must Totally Ignore

It is everyone’s dream to maintain a youthful skin for as long as possible. That’s why people have complex skincare regimens and often undergo procedures, including surgical facelifts and less invasive treatments like facials and lip fillers.

In particular, dermal fillers have become popular over the past few years because of their effectiveness in helping people achieve younger-looking skin. It’s also one of the best cosmetic treatment options that everyone, not just celebrities, can enjoy!

These treatments are generally safe, but they are still surrounded by myths that, unfortunately, a lot of people believe. As such, here are seven dermal fillers myths that you shouldn’t believe:

Myth #1: Fillers Won’t Look Natural

This actually depends on where you get it. For instance, Nuluk Aesthetics’ team, headed by Dr. Kamalesh Shah, has an impressive track record and advanced certifications related to aesthetic procedures, including dermal fillers. When you get your fillers from such seasoned professionals, you can easily get results that look natural and flawless!

Myth #2: It’s Botox With a Different Name

That’s not true. Botox is a type of neuromodulator that weakens the facial muscles that cause wrinkles and deep lines. On the other hand, fillers are merely soft tissue fillers that add volume to hollow or flattened areas of the face.

Myth #3: You Can’t Stop Getting Fillers Once You Have Them

Many believe that after getting dermal fillers, you need to get them regularly or your skin will sag in a horrible way. That’s not accurate. While the effects of fillers will wear off after a while, it’s not going to make the skin sag. It’s just going to be just like it was before getting the treatment!

Myth #4: It’s Just Going to Last a Few Weeks

If you received fillers in the past, they might have lasted for just about a month or so. But today’s fillers will be able to last anywhere between six months to one year. Additionally, because hyaluronic acid is used and is known to help in collagen production, the residual effect of fillers can make you look rejuvenated even when the filler wears off.

Myth #5: You Can’t Reverse the Treatment

If you find that you are not satisfied with your fillers, they can actually be dissolved by simply administering a dose of hyaluronidase. The effect of this enzyme then degrades the hyaluronic acid that is used for the fillers. So, rest assured because fillers are not irreversible!

Myth #6: Everyone Can Tell When You Get Fillers

When the fillers are done by an expert, it would be hard, if not impossible, for anyone to tell that you got one. Remember that the fillers are not intended to change the way you look but simply make you look more youthful.

Myth #7: It’s Going to Hurt Really Bad

Keep in mind that any procedure may come with some discomfort. That said, to say that a dermal filler treatment will be really painful is an exaggeration. A local anesthetic is also used during filler injection, so there’s a numbing effect, and you may not even feel the discomfort!


Like any other procedure, dermal fillers will always be controversial. But you shouldn’t be swayed by these myths, which are just unfounded beliefs. If you really want to know whether or not a certain treatment is right for you, it’s best to speak with your physician first, and once they give you the green light, you should only trust a reputable center with certified professionals.

Nuluk Aesthetics is a modern med spa in North Bergen, NJ, that offers extensive options for rejuvenation and restoration of your youthful appearance. Whether you are interested in dermal fillers, Botox, or other cosmetic procedures, our team of professionals can help you determine the right one for you. Book a consultation today with our experts to get started!

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