Men Need to Know This about Dysfunction and Sexual Problems

Many men are afraid to talk about problems with sexual dysfunction for fear of being judged. The good news is that these issues are common, and it’s important to talk about them. One study found that almost half of men waited six months or more before bringing up issues with their primary care physician. The bad news is that over time, these issues can cause a host of other problems.

Thankfully, there is more research into male sexual function these days, both abnormal and normal alike. There are a number of practices across the country that count sexual medicine as their specialty.

Male Sexual Problems Are A Sign Of Medical Issues

The moment that a man has changes in terms of ejaculation, erections or libido he needs to tell a primary care physician. Especially if the issue has been running for quite some time, like over a span of several months. Common issues include:

  • Erection problems – When this comes about, can be an indicator of prostate cancer or cardiovascular issues.
  • Erection or Libido changes – This can be an initial diabetes symptom or a signal of hormonal imbalance. 
  • Premature Ejaculation – These can happen due to urinary conditions, nerve damage or medication

Age Affects Sexual Function

It’s natural for sexual function, drive and performance to slow down with age. Sex therapy can be very helpful if this is not enough to improve the normal age-related changes in sexual function. That said, sometimes the change is rather massive and can be tough to.

Mental Health Affects Sexual Function

Mental health issues, including anxiety and depression, can lead to several sexual disorders. Depression is one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction (ED), and women who experience depression often notice a decrease in their libido. For a proper diagnosis, you must treat these illnesses first to relieve these sexual symptoms.

Managing and alleviating anxiety and depression will go a long way in sexual function improvement. Therapy would be very helpful at this point: cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness, to start. Relaxation techniques will also help here. 

Mental Illness Medication Can Affect Sexual Function

Although there is a general misconception that mental illness drugs causes sexual problems, the data is clear. Treatment of mental illness is likely to improve sexual function. It is not a good idea to avoid medication if doctors really deem it necessary. Besides, most men (50 to 70% of them) don’t have sexual side effects from them.

A serious side effect sexually is more likely for men addressing severe psychiatric disorders, however.

Should side effects come about, the doctor needs to be informed. That way, the side effects can be managed. There are a number of drugs known for bringing on notably less in terms of side effects. Mental health makes a huge difference when it comes to sexual health.


Dysfunction and sexual problems in men can happen due to a number of factors. Mental health plays a huge role in it. Aging can also end up being a contributing factor. It’s ideal to take care of oneself, including taking the time to improve aesthetics since looking good will help with feeling good.

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