Everything You Need to Know About Hair Loss and What to Do

Our body changes as we grow older. Besides the basic functions of our bodies, we will also notice signs of aging. However, some body changes can affect our confidence, even if we haven’t reached a certain age, and one of them is hair loss. 

When putting your physical appearance into account, hair loss can significantly change your appearance and is often associated with aging. For this reason, some patients opt for aesthetic treatment to help minimize this change and improve hair production to boost their appearance. 

Hair is an Aging Factor

When you’re overweight or have a mustache, you add two years to your age. On the other hand, when you have grey hair, you add about seven years, making you look and even feel much older than you actually are. 

Below are the top five hair-related “agers” that could add years to your appearance:

  • Hair Loss: This adds up to eight years
  • Grey Hair: This adds up to seven years
  • Full Beard: This adds up to five years
  • Goatee Beard: This adds up to four years
  • Heavily Unshaven: This adds up to three years

Hair Loss and Aging

Male pattern baldness is considered a hereditary hair loss condition and is often passed from the father’s side of the family. With that, there is an associated emotional link between hair loss and aging, making people feel another connection to their fathers, especially since hair loss is more evident in men.

In the media, hair loss is a powerful signifier of old age, while a full head of hair signifies youth. Because of this, many think that when they start losing hair, they’re aging much quicker. This is because, in movies, characters will have noticeably thinner hair when they age, their hairline has adjusted, and other aesthetic changes. 

Additionally, some experience premature hair loss at an early age due to several factors. These factors can include stress, pre-existing medical conditions, your living environment, lifestyle, genetics, and more. Because of this, they get help from aesthetic doctors to craft solutions to help ease their troubles towards hair loss. 

What to Do When Experiencing Hair Loss

Thankfully, there are different treatments that you can try to help treat hair loss. One of the recommended hair loss treatments that require no surgery is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment. This non-surgical hair restoration solution for men and women provides a natural and effective option for those experiencing the beginning stages of hair thinning and loss. 

During the treatment, a PRP, a highly concentrated blood plasma with growth factors and bioactive proteins, is injected into the scalp. Since it facilitates wound and tissue healing, it can also help slow down hair loss, and regrow thicker and stronger hair.

The Bottom Line: PRP May Be Your Hair Loss Solution

If you’re looking for a promising hair loss treatment, consider getting PRP therapy. It’s a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that can address your hair loss woes, helping your body produce strong and thicker hair. Ideally, you want to talk to a reputable aesthetics doctor before you get the treatment, so you know if this approach is right for you. 

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