Advantages of Getting Pellets vs. Injections

The idea of implanting pellets subcutaneously as a method or form of hormone replacement therapy may sound new to you, but it has actually been used in clinics around the United States since the 1940s. But because it sounds novel, you might be wondering how it compares to other modalities like injectable hormones. 

In this post, NULUK Aesthetics will provide you with the basic information that you need to know about pellets and their benefits. But first, learn about how pellets compare to other hormone replacement treatments:

How Pellets Compare to Other Treatments

Patients usually apply a hormone gel or cream at least twice a day, or they might inject a slow-release testosterone cypionate every two weeks. And while you can achieve a more stable hormone level with gels or creams, it could take weeks for the effects to be even noticeable. 

The injection definitely lasts longer, but it’s not a desirable method as a patient will either have to inject themselves or visit their doctor at least every couple of weeks for the injection. Then there’s the pain of the shot to consider, of course. Aside from that, some patients experience distinct “peaks and troughs” in the concentration of drugs during the period between injections. Peaks, in particular, can be dangerous as the drug concentration is higher than what’s considered physiological for the patient. On the other hand, troughs can make the patient feel sluggish and weak for days until they get the next shot. 

Pellets are considered superior to other methods of hormone replacement due to the duration of their action and their release kinetics. They are inserted subcutaneously while the patient is under local anesthesia. Only a trained provider like Dr. Shah of NULUK Aesthetics should be doing this treatment. 

Many patients prefer pellets because of the long action duration as they could last anywhere between three and six months, making it a better option for busy individuals who couldn’t come to the clinic every two weeks or do not like the hassle of applying gel or cream twice a day. 

Benefits of Hormone Pellets

The obvious advantage is that it is convenient. There’s no need to remember injection schedules, deal with the pain caused by needles or keep messy creams. 

You can also be sure that your body is getting the right amount of hormones at all times.

It reduces the fluctuations that are quite common with injections, so it’s more stable. The pellets are designed to work well with the patient’s chemistry so that it releases the right amount of hormones all throughout the duration of the treatment. The levels of hormones have no movement and are perfectly stable even after 30 days, and after the three to six months duration, optimization is usually achieved.

The procedure is pretty quick, too, and lasts about as long as it takes to draw blood. The injection site gets a local anesthetic. Once it’s numb, a tiny incision will be made and the pellet will be inserted into place. It is then sealed using medical tape. There won’t be any stitches.


Hormone Pellet Therapy is indeed a great option to explore if you need hormone therapy but you don’t like needles or the inconvenience of having to remember to apply your gels or get your injection. Ultimately, though, the HRT method and dosage form that is for you will be determined not only by you but also by your doctor from the aesthetic clinic. 

NULUK Aesthetics is an established med spa that offers a variety of solutions in New Jersey, including Botox, fillers, and Hormone Pellet Therapy, among others. Contact our team today for a consultation!

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