Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: What You Need to Know

When people think of “hormones,” they often imagine them going haywire—especially for women during their monthly cycles or for those entering menopause. Contrary to popular belief, hormones don’t always behave this way. Hormones continuously work to maintain a state of homeostasis—or a delicate balance—to keep your body functioning correctly. 

Hormones are molecules that signal different parts of your body to function in specific ways. These signals can direct your appetite, your immune system, libido, and even the body’s ability to grow. Given that hormones are meant to regulate physiology and behavior (yes, moods are controlled by hormones!), it can be a nightmare when a hormonal imbalance occurs. It can ruin everything, from your sleep to your appetite, and even your sex drive.

Fortunately, treatments like the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT for short) are now available. Individuals who suffer from hormonal imbalance may have some questions before pursuing this treatment. 

To paint a clearer picture on the matter, here are some answers to frequently asked questions on BHRT:

What exactly is BHRT?

These are plant-based replicas of hormones produced in the human body, usually derived from soy and yam. These duplicates are then used to treat people whose hormone levels have significantly dropped or are imbalanced. 

Many women who are experiencing symptoms of perimenopause and menopause use this method to help stabilize the entire situation. Some other conditions BHRT can treat include adrenal and thyroid disorders, as well as insulin resistance. 

Is BHRT “natural?”

Many may believe that bioidentical hormones are “all-natural” because they are derived from plant extracts. While they come from nature, it’s important to remember that these are still processed in laboratories. Both bioidentical hormones and traditional HRT serve the same function: to alter the body’s mechanisms in one way or another. 

The most commonly extracted hormones are estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. These can come in different forms, like creams, gels, pills, and injections.

How is BHRT different from traditional hormone replacement therapy?

The main difference between the two is the source they are derived from. BHRT extracts chemically identical hormones from plants, while traditional HRT uses other synthetic hormones that are usually extracted from mares’ urine. 

While some forms of hormone replacement therapy are claimed to be more effective than others, there is no concrete evidence to support this fully. At present, the risks and benefits are more or less equal between both types of hormone therapy treatments.

What are the benefits of BHRT?

1. It eases symptoms of menopause

As people age, hormone levels naturally drop, especially for women who are undergoing their menopausal stages. BHRT is typically used to increase the levels of these hormones that have dropped to lower levels in order to alleviate common symptoms during menopause, such as hot flashes, weight gain, and severe mood swings.

2. It promotes well-being for those treated for cancer

People who have gone through cancer treatments often suffer from drops in estrogen levels. Studies have shown that people who received BHRT treatment had experienced relief from typical symptoms related to cancer treatments, such as nausea, migraines, and insomnia. By treating the adverse experiences from cancer treatments, patients were able to sustain a better quality of life. 

3. It can lower risks for some illnesses

BHRT has also been shown to help risks for several illnesses, such as diabetes, tooth loss, and even cataracts. 

4. It’s good for your skin

This treatment can also improve skin elasticity, thickness, and overall youthful appearance.


With the advantages of BHRT, it becomes easier to address issues that plague those who are suffering from a hormonal imbalance. Take note, however, that any kind of HRT won’t work like a light switch, wherein you simply take a few doses and everything will resume to normal. It’s a gradual process, but it’s well worth the benefits!

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