Blood Facial: What Is It And Can It Make You Look Younger?

Many people wish they can turn back time and relive the youthful days when we don’t have to worry about fun lines and signs of aging. That’s why the wellness and beauty industry is always booming and continues to skyrocket as different products promise to be the holy grail behind younger-looking skin, but the process is often a hit or miss.

If you’re on a mission to bring back your youthful radiance, then why not try Hollywood’s newest go-to hack for unlocking the fountain of life? The secret lies in your blood, or at least, in the latest treatments taking the industry by storm: blood facials. 

What is Blood Facial? 

Also known as vampire facials, this new treatment works similarly to microneedling in a way that puts your skin under the needle, but the holes are barely visible to the naked eye. The goal is to inject platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to improve the skin’s elasticity and health with little-to-no downtime. 

The process involves combining the platelet-rich plasma and platelets from your blood before adding micro punctures to your skin to inject the platelet-rich plasma. The tears are a crucial part of the procedure as it helps the skin absorb the PRP’s full potential, but it also prompts new collagen production to create healthier-looking skin. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Blood Facial? 

Seeing as the treatment stimulates new tissue growth and improves your skin with the proteins derived from the PRP, the facial can promote the following benefits:

  • Tighter skin;
  • Smoother skin; 
  • Less visible fine lines;
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation;
  • Fade the appearance of acne scars;
  • Reduce the appearance of age spots; 

After the procedure, it’s normal to see your face more reddish than usual, but it will fade to its natural hue after a few hours. The best part about blood facials is that there is little-to-no chance of experiencing side effects.

Unlike other anti-aging treatments, your blood is not mixed with any artificial ingredients, allowing you to enhance your skin without the help of foreign compounds that could cause allergic reactions.

The Bottom Line: How Your Blood Is The Secret To Unlocking A Forever Youthful Skin 

Beauty gurus and leading names in the red carpet alike swear by the magical effects of blood facial. While it seems macabre to use blood to give your face a youthful glow, the trendy approach uses medical rejuvenation techniques that aim to stimulate your collagen production. 

This means it naturally helps the skin heal and repair itself, allowing you to relive your youth in your later years without going under the knife. Keep in mind that PRP microneedling is a treatment reserved for board-certified medical professionals as it goes beyond your typical cosmetic procedure.

Why Choose Us?

Striving for supple, younger-looking skin can be an expensive and experimental journey, but we’re here to guide you every step of the way. 

With our wide selection of client-centered beauty treatments in North Bergen like blood facial, microdermabrasion, vitamin drip, rejuvenation, and more, our expert physicians at Nuluk Aesthetics can help bring out your inner beauty. 

Book your appointment with us today and see what we can do to enhance your appearance in more ways than one. 

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