Botox vs Fillers: 3 Things to Consider

The line between botox and fillers can be a bit blurred at times, so if you’re exploring injectables for the very first time, it may be a little confusing. Botox and fillers may seem similar, but the truth is that they’re two different things. Here’s a simple guide to botox and fillers, as well as the things you need to know before getting them.

The Differences Between Botox and Derma Fillers

  • Botox: These injectables use a toxin called onobotulinumtoxinA, which is a purified form of the botulinum toxin, essentially produced by specific bacteria. Botox blocks certain chemical signals from the nerves, usually ones responsible for muscle contraction. It relaxes the muscles and freezes them in place, thereby minimizing facial movements responsible for lines and wrinkles. A botox injection will last anywhere from three to six months, depending on the individual’s body.
  • Fillers: These injectables are usually made from hyaluronic acid gel, but there are other options like collagen and other synthetics. The aging process causes volume in our face to decrease naturally, especially in collagen and hyaluronic acid. Through the use of fillers, you will be able to restore the volume lost and fill out lines and wrinkles. A filler will last from a few months to a year, which depends heavily on the type used.

Should You Get Botox or Fillers?

Although injections are generally considered as noninvasive procedures, you should think carefully about your choices before proceeding. Here are three things to consider if you’re still on the fence about these injectables: 

1 –  Make sure that your chosen solution will give you the results you’re looking for

Before going through with your decision, sit down in front of the mirror and figure out which part is bothering you—what do you wish to improve? Many point out concerns such as dull skin, bumpy skin, clogged or large pores, and even discoloration. While these are bothersome, most of these cannot be solved through fillers or botox. Unfortunately, playing with these injectables too much can make your face look older, as they eventually make your face lose its fullness. Some of the best problems the injections can fix are deep wrinkles, laugh lines, sunken eyes, and even a thin upper lip—if you none of these are present on your face, it’s best to look for other solutions!

2 – Consider other alternatives

Although depending entirely on your goals, there are other treatments specifically designed to make your skin look clearer, tighter, smoother, and even brighter. Topical retinol or retinoid, for instance, can you regain back a youthful appearance and glow. Chemicals peels, on the other hand, can encourage brightness and improve skin texture. LED therapy can also help build collagen. To determine which treatment will work best for you, consult an experienced doctor.

3 – Find a reputable doctor 

The decision to get botox or fillers relies entirely on you but having someone to look out for your best interests always pays off. If you do decide to proceed with injections, ensure that you get the best possible results by looking for an experienced and reputable doctor. 

Unfortunately, people can easily be influenced by others, especially when aesthetics and insecurities are involved. Some doctors can be aggressive, looking to incorporate procedure after procedure because it can be quite profitable. Many also assume that noninvasive means no risks, but side effects remain plausible. With these in mind, it’s integral that you seek out a licensed and medical professional, particularly one recommended by someone you trust.

The Takeaway

Botox and fillers come with their own set of risks and advantages. They’re also quite different from each other—botox is used to paralyze muscles, while fillers are used to fill out gaps. There are also things you need to consider before proceeding with either solution, so think and plan carefully! The best thing you can do, however, is to see a professional doctor—they’ll know what’s best for you!

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