3 Conditions Associated With Stress-Related Hair Loss

Too much stress can cause a person to go through significant hair loss. It may sound unlikely at first until you find yourself in the same situation as the others—and lose your healthy locks. This can often be attributed to work stress, but there are also cases wherein extreme emotional stress can also get in the way of getting a healthy scalp. It’s easy to overlook stress-related hair loss since it isn’t as severe as other medical conditions, but make no mistake—the effects can be just as devastating. 

With that said, it is only appropriate for you to know about the different conditions involved in stress-related hair loss. Remember, knowing every one of them is vital for preparing and managing your lifestyle well to maintain your scalp’s health.

  • Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is a condition where a person develops bald patches on their scalp. This is caused by chronic stress, resulting from an endless amount of work tasks and job-related concerns. The person’s immunity is also compromised, but instead of weakening an organ in their body, the antibodies would attack their hair follicles. 

Take it easy and take time to have a breather at work. Aside from your lunch breaks, you may also take 15-minute breaks between accomplished tasks, just to make sure that you aren’t pushing yourself too much.

  • Telogen Effluvium

If you’re not going to take time to rest and relax from stress, a part of your body will do it for you, at the expense of having an ever-flowing amount of healthy hair. The Telogen Effluvium condition usually causes a part of your hair follicles to fall out every time you’re washing or combing your hair. 

While it may seem like a horrifying experience, the good news is that this isn’t as severe as the other hair-loss cases, and your scalp will begin to grow your hair again after some time.

  • Trichotillomania

Sometimes, stress can really make you do very irrational things. One of the most unusual acts brought about by this condition is Trichotillomania, a hair-pulling disorder. Don’t think of this as a physical condition, but rather a psychological condition that urges a person to pull on their hair. Aside from work stress, this can also be a person’s way of dealing with their negative emotions.

By familiarizing yourself with this condition, you give yourself a chance to plan out and avoid them with a proper lifestyle. The important thing is to catch yourself when it happens and seek psychological help immediately.


Hair loss is common amongst people who have a lot of stress factors in life. While both their tiring career and depressingly emotional life may cause such an unusual condition, they can still do many things to turn their life around and protect the health of their hair and its scalp.

Don’t just get used to the type of stress that you have right now. Mitigate its effects by giving yourself moments of rest and enjoying your weekends to their fullest. Remember, a happy life equates to happy and healthy hair. 

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