Getting Rid of Neck Wrinkles: Can Botox and Fillers Help?

One of the most underrated features of the face is the neck. As we get older, the skin on our neck may begin to grow dull and unhealthy. The effect can be seen all over our body, but it is particularly visible in the neck. 

If your neck was one of your favorite features, it may be extremely frustrating to see it age. It may even cause you to lose confidence in yourself!

Indeed, neck wrinkles can lower your self-esteem. However, today’s breakthroughs in beauty and aesthetics can help you bring back the vibrancy and confidence that previously emanated from you. A number of treatments are available to restore your neck to the smooth, supple skin of your youth—and without any invasive procedures, too!

Why Do Neck Wrinkles Occur?

Aging is the most common culprit of neck wrinkles. However, other factors such as exposure to the sun and lifestyle can also lead to the sagging of the skin. The term “tech neck” refers to the discomfort of the neck and the wrinkles that develop after long hours of gazing down at smartphones and devices. The longer we strain our spines, the more prone we are to this condition. 

You may also notice vertical bands present on the chin and throat. These are often caused by the contraction of the platysma muscle. When this muscle loses its elasticity, parallel bands may also start to appear.

Introducing Botox and Fillers as a Solution to Neck Wrinkles

You might be already familiar with botox and fillers, for various celebrities are promoting these treatments. These are highly associated with facial rejuvenation and are used to keep healthy-looking skin.

How Can Botox Address My Neck Wrinkles?

Botox helps reduce muscle contractions; thus, lowering the chance of getting skin wrinkles. It can also be used to eliminate the appearance of the vertical banding on the neck by relaxing the platysma muscle. Botox injections work ideally for mild to moderate banding. Usually, a Botox procedure can last for only a few minutes, and the results can be noticeable for up to 18 months. After that, you can book refresher treatments to maintain your look.

What About Dermal Fillers?

There are a number of dermal fillers used to turn back the clock on your skin. Each one shares the same purpose: to replace the lost fat, plumping up the sagging skin and eliminating wrinkles. 

However, if you want to totally eliminate both the horizontal wrinkles and vertical banding, talk to an expert about neck lift candidacy. In some cases, surgery can offer a more permanent solution. Dermal fillers and Botox provide a temporary solution and may require periodic renewal to stay younger looking.

What is the Best Solution?

Now, you might be asking: are dermal fillers and Botox the right treatment for your neck wrinkles? Well, you need to consult an expert to answer that. Every person’s individual circumstance is different. Professional advice will help you understand which one will work best for you.

Botox remains the most sought-after cosmetic treatment for women who want to bring back their vibrant-looking skin. It is safe and proven effective. With all today’s emerging trends when it comes to aesthetic treatments, you should choose the one recommended by the experts.

To make sure that you’ll get the best results, it is highly important to choose a board-certified expert who provides extensive experience in administering cosmetic procedures. If you’re searching for a licensed, patient-centric medspa in New Jersey, Nuluk can assist you! Give us a call today for a comprehensive consultation about the best aesthetic treatment for you.

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