How An IV Drip Can Give You That Coveted Bridal Glow – What to Know

Your wedding is one of the most important moments of your life. It’s the time where you’ll commit to the love of your life in front of the friends and family you hold dear. But in the days leading up to the wedding, you might be stressed due to all the last-minute planning you have to do. You have to make sure that the guests will be taken care of, the venue is so secure, your gown fits well, and so much more. 

With all the stress you experience before your wedding, you may feel anxious, exhausted, and maybe even sick. Your wedding is an event where you should look happy and not exhausted. And so to prevent your body from succumbing to fatigue and illness, the key is hydration.

Many brides resolve their biggest skin complaints with IV drips. It gives you that coveted bridal glow as it gives you a boost from within. Unlike topical treatments like creams and serums, IV infusions are capable of hydrating and rejuvenating your skin’s health quickly. 

They are absorbed by the body in just 15 to 30 minutes. In addition to hydration, hydration IVS can also be infused with vitamins, minerals, and supplements to deliver added benefits.

If you’re still apprehensive about this treatment, here are reasons why you should say “I Do” to IV hydration just in time for your wedding day. 

What can IV drips do for you?

  • Restore your skin’s natural glow: IV drips can help improve your skin’s tone, elasticity, and overall luminosity. It detoxifies the body of waste and restores the nutrients it needs. Most IV drips contain glutathione, which is the body’s master antioxidant, helping in detoxifying cells and eliminating toxins and free radicals that make your skin look tired and irritated. 
  • Alleviate wedding day jitters: Many brides and grooms experienced heightened anxiety before their wedding day, and IV hydration can alleviate that. Its B-Complex can improve concentration and facilitate feelings of calmness. 
  • Replenish energy levels: All the running around and handling last-minute planning can leave the bride and groom feeling exhausted. Throw in sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, and lack of exercise, and the couple can feel burnt out. An IV drip provides magnesium, as well as vitamins B12 and C, all of which can give a boost of energy and strengthen the immune system. Undergoing treatment can leave you feeling great for your special day. 
  • Get rid of migraines and fatigue: When you’re stressed and dehydrated, you may also feel persistent headaches, or worse, severe migraines. A simple IV hydration can lessen the risk of experiencing these. Don’t let a crushing headache stop you from enjoying your big day. 
  • Restore hair and nail health: On top of hydrating the body, IV drips can also restore your hair and nail health, allowing you to look your best on your wedding. If you go on an IV drip treatment before the special day, you can ensure that your beauty is seen from your head to your toes — literally.

If you’re looking to try IV drips and restore your glow? Book an appointment with us in North Bergen, NJ today to see how we can help.

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