How Non-Surgical PRP Hair Restoration Can Remedy Hair Loss

It’s no secret that seeing bunches of hair coming off can definitely be unsettling for anyone who is currently experiencing hair loss.

In most cases, a significant amount of hair loss is feared by many because of how it is associated with even more serious diseases and conditions. Fortunately, it is possible to reverse the effects of the stress-inducing experience with a variety of measures that target areas where your hair is starting to thin out.

Among all the treatments that have been expounded on in recent years, non-surgical PRP hair restoration is one specific approach that’s been talked about more than any other.

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Restoration explained

This solution to hair loss and balding is one that relies on the use of both platelets and plasma to achieve the desired effect of restarted hair growth.  

Generally, non-surgical PRP treatments have become much more sought-after because of the way it uses both components mentioned above to achieve an effective and long-lasting recovery. In this procedure, the platelet is used to unload an adequate amount of clotting and healing, which is where platelet-rich plasma is brought into the equation. 

By supplementing areas in the scalp that are deficient with a set amount of platelet-rich plasma, this treatment facilitates proper healing in damaged tissues and improves circulation until growth is apparent!

How the procedure is administered

In most cases, the treatment process starts off with a licensed and skilled physician drawing a sample of blood from the patient’s arm. Once a significant amount of healthy blood is extracted, it is then placed in a centrifuge that effectively separates the platelets from everything else through rapid and controlled spinning. 

As soon as the platelets are concentrated after spending some time in the centrifuge, the extracted platelets will be reintroduced to the plasma portion of your blood and right into the problem areas on your scalp. After a few regular treatments of injecting the PRP (which is the set of centrifuge-derived platelets that are mixed with plasma) into the affected areas, your hair follicles will receive the necessary stimulation they need to grow again!

What makes the treatment highly sought-after?

In comparison with standard treatments that are administered against hair loss and male or female-pattern baldness, non-surgical PRP hair restoration bears more benefits that last longer.

For instance, this modern treatment cuts out the need for a surgical implementation of fresh hair molecules that may end up depriving the scalp of the very nutrients it needs to thrive instead of the other way around. Furthermore, the treatment bears a lower cost alongside a quicker recovery time as it directs recovery to specific areas located on the scalp!

On top of all the potential benefits that you can enjoy with non-surgical PRP hair restoration, the main one to watch out for is that you’ll be able to have the most effective, yet hassle-free experience possible – a procedure that was previously thought to be impossible!


Through the use of non-surgical PRP hair restoration, you can easily restore your youthful looks and bring back a nice tuft of hair without having to do anything drastic. Furthermore, treatments these days are more affordable!

We’re a specialist in administering platelet-rich plasma treatments, botox, Microderm, and other aesthetic procedures in the North Bergen. Transform your look with us today!

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