How to Have Healthy-Looking Skin Even in a Lockdown – Our Guide

Today, most people around the world are staying locked down indoors in an effort to minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus. You would think that this would mean people will have better looking skin—fewer hours in the sun, no makeup, and less dirt accumulated from the commute means a healthy glow, right? You would think it does, but no.

If you are like many people, your skin is probably suffering from a breakout right now, or maybe you’re not looking as peachy as you normally do. It seems unfair, especially since you’re already doing your part in helping stop the pandemic by staying home, but don’t fret! You can help usher in skin rejuvenation through some time-honored practices.

1. Do not underestimate hydration

The number one enemy of fine lines and wrinkles is hydration. If your skin has enough water, it stays healthy, so drink as many glasses of water as you can. You should also hydrate through frequent moisturizing. This is especially needed for your hands and feet, the body parts most prone to dehydration. 

These days, you should pay particular attention to hand care, as your hands are among the most washed body parts on your body. Follow up your handwashing with a moisturizing hand cream, or use home remedies like olive or coconut oil. 

When you apply your moisturizer, leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Wrap your hands (or whichever body part you hydrated) in gloves or other cloth, to help the pores absorb the product more.

2. Practice self-soothing techniques

Stress causes acne flare-ups, hair loss, flaky skin, and other dermatological problems. While it is understandable that many are feeling anxious and uncertain about the future, it is not good to keep dwelling on what the pandemic will bring. Deal with anxieties by practicing self-care, like tuning out of social media or minimizing your consumption of news.

You should also maintain good sleeping habits. An average adult needs anywhere from seven to nine hours of sleep a day, to help them perform more optimally the next day. If you are finding it difficult to fall asleep, reduce your screen time at night, take melatonin pills to help you get drowsy faster, or make your bedroom darker.

3. Maintain your skincare routine

A skincare routine is a valuable tool in a person’s beauty arsenal. Youth fades, but good skincare habits stay, and brings with it smooth and supple skin. Even during a home quarantine, you can have a med spa experience.

It’s a given that you should be washing your face everyday and using toners and moisturizers at night. Add to your routine by doing a once-a-week exfoliation. A deep scrub can help slough off dead skin cells and refresh your face. Scrubs are not exclusive to face care, as you can buy or make formulations for the body as well.

4. Take cold, quick showers

It may be comforting to stand in a warm shower for long periods of time, or to slip into a bath and just let your worries float away. However, cold showers are actually better for the skin. A warm bath strips the oils off the epidermis, making skin rough and dry in the long run.

Cold, quick showers are the best way to take care of your skin’s natural oils. You can also use body wash or soaps with shea butter, calendula, sunflower oil, or borage, as these help retain the moisture of your skin. Immediately after bathing, use a deep-hydrating body lotion or oil.


Taking care of your skin should not stop just because you spend a lot of time indoors. In fact, you should pay more attention to moisturizing when you are locked down. Doing so will protect your skin, help it breathe, and keep you calm through all of the crazy.

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