Top 5 Lip Filler Misconceptions We Have to Dispel in 2022

Whether you pin it on social media, Kylie Jenner, or the growing de-stigmatization of cosmetic treatments, one thing is for sure: the number of people getting lip filler therapy has never been higher. Nonetheless, many people associate “lip injections” with “overfilled and fake-looking lips.” Add to that a laundry list of widespread myths, and you’re probably sure that fillers aren’t for you. 

This misunderstanding is what keeps otherwise excellent filler candidates from getting stellar results. So, whether you’ve been putting off treatment because of rumors you’ve heard, or you’re simply seeking more plain answers, we’ve compiled a list of five popular lip filler myths to dispel.

1. There’s No Turning Back 

Most reputable practitioners would advise you to use a Hyaluronic acid (HA) filler, especially if this is your first treatment. If you are unhappy with the outcome of the filler, hyaluronic acid fillers can be dissolved with an enzyme that works to break up the bonds that keep the HA molecules together. All you have to do now is wait for the swelling to subside, and your lips will be back to normal.

2. Lip filler stretches the lips

HA fillers do not stretch the lips. They plump them up and fill out the gaps when injected into the lips. In fact, the opposite is true – materials like collagen and HA are excellent for volume loss because they provide a solid foundation for new cells to grow, and the injected product will act as scaffolding for the body to build on.

3. Lip Fillers Give You Duck Lips

This is usually the first thing people think of when they hear “lip filler,” and it’s a big misconception. Duck lips (or trout pout) are caused by a lip injection that is too big for the space or a lip filler that is too soft or too wet when administered. As a result, the lip filler over-stretches the skin to create a pouty shape. When done correctly, lip fillers create a subtle, natural enhancement in the volume and shape of your lips. 

4. Permanent Fillers are Superior to Lip Fillers

After a lip filler injection, your face and lips will continue to develop, whereas permanent fillers will not.

The dimensions of the face vary as bones and soft tissues change during life. Permanent fillers may appear attractive at first, but they may cause your face to appear weird or plastic over time.

5. You’ll Need to Have Them Refilled Regularly

If you want to maintain your appearance, you’ll need to get your lips touched up now and again, but not as often as you may imagine. It all boils down to the type of filler used and where it was injected. Patients commonly require their first touch-up after six months since the substance degrades faster in the mouth area owing to the constant movement caused by chewing, talking, or smiling. 

Over time, you will require fewer top-ups as some filler will remain even after the rest has been broken down. Read up on what you need to know after getting a lip filler injection for more information!


If you’re hoping to get lip filler, it’s safe to say you’re in the right place. Horror stories have indeed marred the history of lip fillers, but the industry has come on leaps and bounds. We like to think of lip fillers as modern-day botox, with a shadow of a chance of making you look a little less exhausted. 

Nuluk Aesthetics offers quality and safe lip fillers in New Jersey. We pride ourselves on our patient-centric service and custom-crafted solutions. Contact us today!

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