PRP Therapy as a Rejuvenation Treatment for Hair Loss

There are specific indicators of aging that are unavoidable. For example, our faces will ultimately develop fine lines and wrinkles. But perhaps the worst sign of aging of them all is hair loss. 

Hair loss is not just about a matter of aging, as many young men and women are also experiencing this unwanted shift in their hairline.

Causes of Hair Loss 

This early-onset form of hair loss is hereditary, which means it runs in the family. It’s linked to androgens, which are male sex hormones. Hair growth control is one of the numerous purposes of these hormones. 

Characteristics of Alopecia 

While this is more common in older males, it can begin as early as adolescence, depending on genetics. Hair loss usually begins around the temples or the crown of the head. Some men have a single bald patch, while others develop receding hairlines in the shape of an “M.” Some will notice that their hair is receding to the point where there is little to no hair remaining.

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

In the anti-aging realm, platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, has received a lot of attention recently. PRP is created by spinning a sample of the patient’s blood in a centrifuge. The platelets are separated from the other components by spinning, which then allows them to be utilized in PRP treatments.

Our bodies send platelets to the site of any damage because growth and healing agents abound in platelets. They start the healing process and draw stem cells to the site of the damage or wherever they’re injected. 

In a nutshell, PRP activates, stimulates, and accelerates the body’s natural healing process. This type of therapy has had a lot of success in operating rooms and rehabilitative medicine. And it’s now functioning to reverse the indications of aging and promote new hair growth.

PRP Hair Growth Treatment 

PRP therapy strengthens the follicles that have become weakened. This cutting-edge procedure stimulates hair growth by using your blood. PRP includes all of the growth proteins and cytokines that have been proven to stimulate and improve follicle activity. Remember that hair loss is caused by follicle shrinkage until it produces thin and short hair or no hair at all.

An in-depth consultation between you and your doctor will be held, beginning with an evaluation to see if PRP hair treatment is proper for you. From there, reasonable expectations will be established. 

Your blood will be collected in a very tiny sample and spun in a centrifuge. After the PRP has been collected from the sample, shallow injections will be made at the same level as the hair follicle to ensure that it reaches the exact location where it needs to be for optimum outcomes.

Because the treatment makes use of your own blood, there’s a minimal risk of adverse side effects. This is why so many people tolerate PRP hair treatment so well.


With PRP, you can get non-surgical and non-invasive therapy for hair loss that promotes skin and hair development and nutrition. By growing your hair, you can also bring back your confidence and improve your quality of life.

NULUK Aesthetics is a patient-centric service, custom-crafted, solutions-oriented med-spa. Dr. Shah has completed an advanced certification in platelet-rich plasma for aesthetics and hair rejuvenation. Discover the new you by booking an appointment today! 

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NULUK (New look) Aesthetics is a patient centric service, custom-crafted, solutions oriented med-spa.
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