Pucker Up: 3 Ways to Make Your Lip Fillers Last Longer

There’s never anything wrong with enhancing your features. If you wish to ditch those thin lip lines to get the most out of your lipstick collection, a new dermal filler is your best option. You walk into your doctor’s office and come out the best version of yourself, only to walk back in months later to receive the same treatment. 

While lip fillers may seem like a magic treatment, their effects are often temporary. As a non-surgical treatment, they only last so long, regardless of brand and material used. It will require extensive work, especially when it comes to maintenance. 

Fortunately, there are ways to make your wonderwork of lips last longer—here’s how:

1 – Understand that location matters 

Your choice of location matters when it comes to lip fillers. Do you target the corners of your mouth? That little peak beneath your nose? Or perhaps your bottom lips? It will be impossible to avoid facial movement, so your filler will inevitably break down as the months pass by. This is precisely why location matters—some areas of the face are less prone to movement than others. 

Don’t fret much, though—while your mouth is necessary to your survival (i.e. meals and communication), your lip fillers will last up to 6 months. You only need to know where to best inject them, a process that you need to consult your doctor for. 

2 – Avoid touching and any form of pressure 

Although the procedure is non-invasive, you must allow your lips to heal. Upon receiving your lip fillers, remember to refrain from touching them. Too much pressure can compromise what has been worked on, which could shorten its lifetime.

If you agitate it a lot, you’ll find it dissipating quicker than necessary. While this certainly means no facial treatments and lip scrubs for a while, don’t worry too much about everyday movement. Blowing your nose and applying makeup will hardly affect the lip fillers—but don’t push your luck! 

3 – Regular maintenance is necessary 

As with anything else, regular maintenance for your lip fillers will be necessary. This is the best way to see long-lasting results. As previously mentioned, lip fillers will deteriorate over time. It’s just how your body works, and there’s no use trying to argue with nature.

The only way you can protect your injectables is through a slight lifestyle change, but ultimately, you will need to get more fillers. Regular maintenance ensures that your lips look as magnificent as possible, with little to no effect on your appearance. If you think about it, it’s much like getting your hair colored regularly. 

The Bottom Line

While the idea of getting permanent lip fillers is very much welcome, current research is still ongoing. Current data suggests that there might be a breakthrough in the business of lip fillers. 6 months could extend to a year, but for now, researchers are pouring over all the possibilities. 

While the future of injectables remains to be seen, the present times shouldn’t stop you from getting lip fillers. It’s one thing to wonder about the science behind it, but quite another to actually see the results on your face. Aesthetics may be the end goal of cosmetic medicine, but its underlying effect is what matters: to help you feel the best possible version of yourself.

If you’re looking to get lip fillers in New Jersey, Nuluk Aesthetics is the place to go! Our services are dedicated to helping you enhance what’s already there. Book an appointment with us today!

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