The Top 4 Reasons Why Your Hair Could Be Falling Out

Getting your drains clogged or your floors dirtied up with hair strands is completely normal. At any point in time, one will always lose about 150 to 200 hair strands every day.

However, if you feel like you are losing way more than this and you think you may go bald soon, there could be a problem. In this article, we will talk about the different reasons why you may be losing more hair than you should be and what you can do about it.

1. Too Much Styling and Dyeing

While it is nice to curl your hair or bleach it every now and then, too much of it can harm your head. Constantly using products like hair gels, dyes, or items like curling irons or straighteners can cause your hair to be brittle. This will eventually make a lot of your hair fall out.

Even just brushing your hair too much could make it fragile. Make sure to only brush it lightly and enough to take the tangles and knots out. Additionally, start from the ends up to avoid pulling out a lot of loose hairs.

2. Bad Daily Habits

An unhealthy diet or a lack of sleep can result in major hair loss. Bad eating habits could make you lack certain nutrients and vitamins that help promote strength and healthy hair. However, there are also cases when too many vitamins, especially vitamin A, could result in hair loss.

On the other hand, bad sleeping habits could result in stress and fatigue—both of which are drivers for hair loss. Make sure to always be eating or sleeping healthily to ensure that your hair does not fall out too much. Improving your daily habits can effectively reduce hair loss and even give you shiny, bouncy, and beautiful hair.

3. Stress

As we have mentioned before, stress is one of the drivers of hair loss. This could be stress from any aspect of your life, but having constant stress could result in a lot of your hair falling out. Whatever issues you are going through in life, if you stress a lot, it could make your hair fall out.

While there are many things we cannot control, try to avoid stress as much as you can. Try to keep a healthy and stress-free life. In the times that you do stress out, make sure to take extra care of yourself and your hair to help prevent it from falling out too much.

4. Underlying Illnesses

Hair loss can be a sign of some underlying illnesses or medical conditions like thyroid issues, anemia, or even just the flu. There may be times when it is not the illness itself that is causing hair loss, but the medication. Some medications like blood thinners, oral contraceptives, and depression medication could result in hair loss.

If you have a lot of hair falling out, but do not have any illnesses, you may want to get checked. However, if you do or if you know it is your medication causing the hair fall, you can speak with a professional about seeing whether there’s an alternative medication. If not, just getting better from the illness and treating it should stop you from having further hair falls.


There are more reasons than one can imagine that would result in your hair falling out. Make sure that you understand why before working on it. An amount of hair falling out is normal, but make sure it is not happening too much and when it does, make sure to try and get it checked.

Hair loss is a completely normal thing, especially as we grow older, but this does not mean there is no way to help treat it. We at Nuluk Aesthetics understand how having hair loss can affect your life, and we would love to help you out with that. We also offer other services like botox and dermal fillers, anti-aging modules, and more. Book an appointment with us today for the best hair loss treatment today!

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