What to Know About Recovering From Sclerotherapy Effectively

Are you hoping to improve your looks by addressing your spider veins? If so, sclerotherapy is the cosmetic procedure you might need. Apart from improving various aspects of your appearance, this procedure can also alleviate cramps, aches, swellings, and other issues caused by deformed veins.

That being said, while the procedure itself is quite straightforward, the recovery process is not. There are things you must do, and things you must avoid doing during that step in the process since it affects the effectiveness and speed of recovery. Before you head out for sclerotherapy, it pays to know what you must do after the treatment. Here is what you should know about the recovery phase of sclerotherapy:

What happens during sclerotherapy?

Although what happens exactly during the procedure is slightly different from one person to another, the therapy generally begins with the patient laying down with their legs elevated. The specialist will then insert a fine needle into the vein and inject a special solution. After that, the specialist will compress and massage the area, moving on to other problem areas, if any.

Once that is done, the patient will be allowed to move freely again. The specialist will recommend the patient to move quite a bit, as this stimulates blood flow to help with the recovery process. However, the patient will be asked to avoid any strenuous activities for the next two weeks and avoid direct sunlight on the treated area. The patient will also be advised to wear compression gear to restrict the treated veins.

How long must I wear the compression gear?

Generally, you will be asked to wear the compression gear anywhere from three to seven days, depending on the severity of the issue. Prior to this, you must also wear a pressure bandage for up to two days. The compression gear is only necessary once this bandage is removed.

When you wear your compression gear, do your best not to strain yourself and do not sit or stand for too long. Avoid lifting your legs to avoid clotting, and when you sleep, leave them on only for the first night after the treatment. After that, you need only wear them during the day.

What activities must I avoid during the recovery phase?

As mentioned before, you should try your best to avoid strenuous activities, especially in the first 48 hours after the treatment. This includes heavy exercising—weightlifting, tennis, football, running, and the like. 

However, there are a few other things you must avoid. This includes hot baths, showers, and saunas for a week. The high temperatures can cause the vein to expand, which can negatively impact the results of your sclerotherapy. Another activity you must avoid is using hot compresses on the area. Finally, avoiding direct sunlight is a must, as exposure can hamper the recovery process.


If all things go well, you can expect a significant improvement after about three to six weeks post-therapy. Of course, this number will highly be dependent on the severity of your condition, and more complex veins will take much longer to disappear. In fact, large veins have been known to make a few months disappear entirely, so you must be patient throughout this process.

Results are not quick, but they are permanent. We guarantee you that once they disappear, they will not come back. Just be sure to always follow the doctor’s recommendations, as they will know what is appropriate for you to heal fully!

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