Should You Go to a Med Spa for Acne Treatment?

Medical spas have enjoyed a constant interest in their services, especially in recent years. They are most popular in North America, which in 2018 formed the largest market for medical spas in the world. The technological advancements in the field like laser skin resurfacing and platelet-rich plasma therapy are making them an attractive choice for people on the lookout for new developments in beauty, health, and wellness.

Medical spas thrive with their hybrid setup combining the classic spa experience and the technical knowledge of medical professionals. If you haven’t tried a session at this type of spa, you’re missing out on a unique experience. Here are a few reasons why.

Medical or traditional—what’s the difference?

The differentiator for medical spas is the number of specialized procedures they can offer. Traditional day spas are limited to treatments that have to do with surface-level changes to the skin. Medical procedures are the territory of med spas since these must be affiliated with, managed, or run by a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. 

Though the procedures themselves are not all performed by the affiliated doctor, they can supervise or handle more complex ones. The medical spas themselves have different aesthetics. Some spas present themselves as a luxurious alternative, equalling day spas in the comfort and relaxation they provide, and others prefer a more clinical look.

What are the common medical spa offerings?

Though the spas themselves have different ambiances, you will generally find treatments for aging skin, hair loss or hair removal, acne, and others. At this kind of spa, you will also find offerings that are part of a day spa menu like massages, facials, and wraps. Some spas even have packages that combine medical procedures with these traditional spa treatments.

Aside from these, they also provide plastic surgery or dermatological treatments. Some places would have Botox, Juvederm, Restalyne, or other similar injectable treatments, IV drips for glutathione or vitamin therapy, and chemical or microdermabrasion.

Who performs the treatments in medical spas?

This depends on the type of procedure you have signed up for. For routine day spa therapies, you will be served by estheticians, who are trained in administering facials, massages, and other routine activities. For more technical procedures, your session will be supervised by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Sometimes, they might even do the procedure themself.

Some more procedures you can expect an esthetician to handle include massages, body scrubs, and non-invasive treatments like surface-level chemical peels. Physicians, meanwhile, handle sessions with injectables, deeper peels, and laser treatments.


If the spa-like environment is as important to you as the type of treatments you will receive, the medical spa is your best bet for acne treatments. Since getting rid of acne will take a few weeks to a few months, you should be as comfortable as possible, and get your treatments in a place that balances effectiveness with atmosphere.

For some people, though, a med spa experience is more of a luxury. Some skin types only need topical or oral medications for which a regular physician or dermatologist can write a prescription. However, if you’re the type of person who enjoys an experience, or if you need a more personalized treatment, you should definitely try out a medical spa procedure.

If you’re looking for a holistic spa experience in North Bergen, NJ, choose us at Nuluk Aesthetics today. Our team of professionals will help you achieve the look you deserve!

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